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Overcoming the fear & turning it into a goal

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Overcoming fear and turning it into a goal


It seems to me that the root to all suffering comes from fear. This course you will learn how turn the fear into something positive.

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Why enroll this course?

What I see as a biggest strugle for people in my sessions with clients is how difficult it is for them to overcome fear. 

It seems to me that the root to all suffering comes from fear. Fear of suffering. Fear of being abandoned, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of desapointment. These fears are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. 

When someone wish to achieve their biggest dreams, whatever they maybe: to find the perfect job, the perfect partner or Self Love, anything one can dream of, the first step is to start taking action torwards the goal they desire. But, the fear of being abandoned, fear of not being good enough starts a reaction of resistance. Our subconscious mind is such a keeper! It gets frantic and inmediatelly starts to take controll. Controll is in our mind, our thoughts get information from past experiences and doesn’t have a reference in the past to get the needed counter pleasant feeling. 

We are programmed since childhood to use the mind istead of the heart. And fear tries allways to get controll over our feelings. How can we radiate self confidence, joy or warmth when we think you are not worthy to have all that?

 It would be my most giving pleasure to help you to overcome your fears and be able to achieve everything you can imagine.

For that purpose I have created a blueprint with very 5 simple steps to overcome fear. These simple steps will help you to: 

  • To recognize, understand and release your most deeply rootedfears.
  • How to use your fears to actually recognize what your biggest desires are so you can transform them.
  • How to feel safe and free to achieve your biggest life dreams.
  • How to master your fear emotions instead of being a victim of them and paralyzed into not taking the actions needed to reach your goals.
  • How to take action and master your biggest fears while you follow your heart into unstoppable success.

After you start to experience mastering your thoughts and feelings your confidence in the process will be easier and easier.  And I can promise you we will have a lot of fun during the proccess.


Hard work pays off they say in school, don`t think about this as an investment, but think about this as a reward. Because that’s what it is. The reward is as much as giving you a possible answer to happiness. Happiness for the majority is a wide term and people tend to describe happiness differently. What is actually happiness you might wonder and how do you achieve it?

In this happiness course I will be your guide and together we will go through the ultimate question: How to achieve happiness? Look at the simplest things in life and think about what`s required of you to achieve them? The answer is one word: “action”. You must take action for happiness course.

We will explore ways to accelerate self-love and happiness and implement that into your everyday life. My expertise will be formulated to you through happiness lessons. The lessons will be online and you go through it on your computer, tablet or your smartphone…the only thing required is an Internet connection. Later on, you can take with you the lessons and make an everyday challenge to implement happiness training into your life.

The course is suited for everyone, from the happy ones to the less happy people. To be a hundred percent happy is not what`s this course is about. The course is about finding new ways and exploring the opportunities that are available and implementing it into your life. So to sum it up: Accelerate self-love and happiness is for all the people even though you already are happy or less happy.

Now you might wonder why you should choose this course instead of another happiness course. First of all, I want to make it clear that my intention is not to pressure you to take this course. My goal is to help people. That said, the course has received a lot of good reviews throughout the years. The years of expertise in this field have made me put my work into this course and made it unique, alongside with my other courses. So if this sounds interesting and you are interested in making a change in your life and accelerate self-love and happiness you should take action and enroll in this course.

I am looking forward to being you guidance through this course and educate you about happiness.

What will I get?

3 x 1.5 Hours of live Google Hangout sessions. Divided as 1.5 Hours each week for 3 weeks.


Bonus 1 – A guide book written by me
Bonus 2 – Free video on the topic

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Accelerating self love and happiness


Discover how to accelerate your self love and create a lasting and unstoppable happiness for the magical life you want.

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