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Victoria Christensen

I am here to share with you my knowledge and self-insight. Also, to help you achieve happiness, joy, and abundance in your life. I am Victoria Christensen offering online relationship counseling and other online mental health counseling services as well as family counseling Oslo. 

Online services/courses: I have various services online, both courses and sessions. 

Privat sessions: if you want to explore how to improve every aspect in your Life and if you want  to find Higher Meaning and your Purpose in Life.

Seminars/Groups: I have numerous seminars about how you can improve Self Love and accelerate Manifestation in all aspects in your Life: Relationships, Career, Health, Finances and Spirituality.

I am an expert in Metaphysiscs Loves having studied with great Teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Harrison Klein and Gregg Braden with others. I have training in Family Constellations, Energy Psychology, Dream Analysis and Reconective Healing. I practice Yoga and Meditation in my daily life. 

Who am I?

Online/Personal Psychotherapist
Online Course Creator
Couples Therapist
Group Therapist
Public Speaker
Family Constellator
Life Coach
Spiritual Teacher


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