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Accelerating self love and happiness

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Accelerating self love and happiness


Discover how to accelerate your self love and create a lasting and unstoppable happiness for the magical life you want.

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Why enroll this course?

If you think about the life in perspective, the reality is that life is like a puzzle. Bit by bit you puzzle your actions, love, experience, and wisdom into a whole finished puzzle. One might have few pieces in one’s puzzle, while another might have a lot of pieces. The unknown of how many pieces one might have is what`s makes our time precious. That’s why I want to tell you a cliché that you probably have heard before: Life is too short, to not be happy.

Hard work pays off they say in school, don`t think about this as an investment, but think about this as a reward. Because that’s what it is. The reward is as much as giving you a possible answer to happiness. Happiness for the majority is a wide term and people tend to describe happiness differently. What is actually happiness you might wonder and how do you achieve it?

In this happiness course I will be your guide and together we will go through the ultimate question: How to achieve happiness? Look at the simplest things in life and think about what`s required of you to achieve them? The answer is one word: “action”. You must take action for happiness course.

We will explore ways to accelerate self-love and happiness and implement that into your everyday life. My expertise will be formulated to you through happiness lessons. The lessons will be online and you go through it on your computer, tablet or your smartphone…the only thing required is an Internet connection. Later on, you can take with you the lessons and make an everyday challenge to implement happiness training into your life.

The course is suited for everyone, from the happy ones to the less happy people. To be a hundred percent happy is not what`s this course is about. The course is about finding new ways and exploring the opportunities that are available and implementing it into your life. So to sum it up: Accelerate self-love and happiness is for all the people even though you already are happy or less happy.

Now you might wonder why you should choose this course instead of another happiness course. First of all, I want to make it clear that my intention is not to pressure you to take this course. My goal is to help people. That said, the course has received a lot of good reviews throughout the years. The years of expertise in this field have made me put my work into this course and made it unique, alongside with my other courses. So if this sounds interesting and you are interested in making a change in your life and accelerate self-love and happiness you should take action and enroll in this course.

I am looking forward to being you guidance through this course and educate you about happiness.

What will I get?

7 Steps to Get Your Wishes in PDF

The 12 Laws of the Universe in PDF

The 12 Laws of the Universe – 2 Videos

Self Love and Acceleration 1, 2 & 3

Self Love and Acceleration 1, 2 & 3 Webinar


Bonus 1 – Meditation Audio
Bonus 2 – Brain Entertainment Audio
Bonus 3 – Visualisation PDF

About me

Out there in the market place People talk about Self Love, but many don’t have the Experience!

In the last 15 years Victoria Christensen has been working as a Psychotherapist, Couples therapist, Life Coach, Reconnective Healer, Clairvoyant, Teacher, Group Therapist and Public Speaker.

Victoria Christensen has helped hundreds of people through the years to find their Path in Life, teaching them how to love themseleves and find their True Soul’s Purporse, Happiness and Harmony everday of their Lives.

You will learned how to increase and raise your skills and values, some secrets of creating greater self esteem, prosperity and access the strongest inspiration within you that you have ever seen in anyone else.


“What I have learned through my work, is that People’s feelings of Unworthiness is the root of Self inflicted suffering.

“By learning how to Love Yourself you will start to live a Life as the Free Soul YOU truly are, shining throught and Powerfull beyond imagination”  – Victoria Christensen

Victoria Christensen is an expert in helping people to find their true Soul’s Path. She has studied Metaphysical Laws with great Teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Harrison Klein, Gregg Braden and others. She is an Energy worker who help people to expand into their True Selves, True Love and Awareness.

You will get the advantage of her experience and through Energy Work You will Accelerate and achieve your goals, get rid of Resistance and find Happiness in your Life. 

This training is efficient and accelerate fast results!

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Course #2



Overcoming fear and turning it into a goal


It seems to me that the root to all suffering comes from fear. This course you will learn how turn the fear into something positive.

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