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Therapy provides a good opportunity to find out how to better utilize their abilities as a resource in their own lives, as well as help to cope with serious illness, sadness, anxiety, turmoil and others.

Sometimes we just need a little puff to get out of old patterns. Getting help to see things from a slightly different perspective can make problems easier to handle. And often, we only need someone to talk to.

I have, among other things, Psychosynthesis as a special field. Psychosynthesis is a psychological orientation based on traditional psychodynamic psychology and belongs to the group of humanistic or transpersonal directions in psychology. If you want to start in therapy with me, you will have the first hour to consider if I can be the right therapist for you.

At the beginning, therapy is always a conversation, but after a while it may be natural to enter exercises such as visualizations, physical exercises, meditation, drawing, and so on.

The problems vary, of course, from client to client, and it is always the problem that is in focus. It is difficult to find the right path in the future if you do not quite understand how to ended where you are now, therefore we often spend time on:

  • Who you are, based on your orientation, your background, your relationships and your experiences
  • Where you are in life now, what you are struggling with, how you are handling your life situation and the challenges you face
  • How you look at life in the future and the questions you may ask yourself to find the meaning in your life

Most importantly, whatever we focus on, is the relationship between you and me. The usual length of a session is a clock hour. At the beginning of the therapy sessions it is common to come once a week.

Therapy is a resource that can give us better quality of life and security. You do not go to therapy just when “I’m wrong” but because you have the desire to use your own potential.

Purchasing guidelines

Starting at $120 for 60 min session

The session will be online. I will contact you with further details to schedule an exact time.

“If we belive that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known”
– Brane Brown

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