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Couples counseling/Therapy

Couples Counseling/Therapy


The couples counseling is performed either in my office as a consulation, or online. When couples come to therapy it is often when they both feel that relationship is stuck. Often they have already experienced many negative experiences and they are ready to give up.

In collaboration with the therapist, couples can find new ways to communicate, find out how the original family environment they come from affects the way they relate to each other. Gaining insight into their history is an important factor for both to find out how they can collaborate in creating safe frameworks together.

In the therapy sessions we work with:

  • How the relationship works
  • What patterns it is time to change
  • What patterns it is time to change out

This to make the relationship a  good life experience for both parties. Changing patterns is demanding and scary and it is nice to get support from someone who has training. Only when the couple is willing to relate to each other in ways other than what they have become accustomed to and often unconsciously have learned from home, it is possible to redeem the potential the relationship has.

Purchasing guidelines

Starting from $180 for 90 min session

The session will be online. I will contact you with further details to schedule an exact time.

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known”
– Brane Brown

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